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Camera Ready Art &
Image Requirements

Ad Dimensions:

Homebuyer's Journal
Full Page Dimensions: 6.5"w x 10"h
Half Page Dimensions: 6.5"w x 4.875"h
Quarter Page Dimensions: 3.125"w x 4.875"h
2 Page Spread Dimensions: 14"w x 10"h
All advertisements appear at a 95% reproduction of the above sizes

Listings on camera ready ads are not found on the searchable portion of our website. If you would like your listings to be searchable by area and price, please submit the text and photo for each listing along with your camera ready ad.

Tips for creating Camera-Ready Ads

For best results, all images in the ad should be at least 300 dpi for color ads, and 150 dpi for black & white
If your ad is going to run in full color, make sure all elements in the ad are "CMYK process". No custom or spot colors please. Black text is the easiest to read, and prints the best. Black text should be made up of 100% black only.
If your ad is going to run in black and white, make sure all elements in the ad are "grayscale".
Try not to make your text smaller than 6 pt. and limit all caps to headlines so your copy is easier to read.
If part of your ad is in reverse (black or dark background with white text) use a bold, thick font so it is easier to read.

We accept Mac or PC formats in the following

PDF Files
The best way to send your file is to convert it to an Adobe PDF file. When correctly creating an Adobe PDF file there is no need to send the fonts or artwork. PDF files can be created directly from many applications. Be sure to embed the fonts when creating. If you have any questions for the software you use, go to and do a search for "Creating a PDF File". There are instructions available to help you or you may e-mail us at and request information on creating a PDF. We will be happy to help you through the process.

Desktop Publishing Documents
If it is essential that your ad be printed exactly as created, the fonts and images used must be sent. E-mailed files must be compressed using Stuffit or WinZip.
• Adobe InDesign 5.5
Quark Xpress 6.5 Documents
Microsoft Publisher Documents
Microsoft Power Point
Pagemaker 7.0 Documents
Microsoft Word Documents

Please note that we have a 10MB limit for e-mail attachments. If your file is larger than that, click here for our file transfer information.

Technical difficulties?
If you need help with any of these processes, please call 1-888-275-3278 or e-mail




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